Termite Inspections

Termite inspections in Sydney


Roach Busters Pest Control Services in Sydney offers a full termite inspection service and will visit your property to determine the extent of the problem and the best way of addressing it.

With a range of termite treatments at our disposal and with the knowledge and expertise to deal with termites efficiently and effectively, we will soon have your property free from pests.

Our inspection process

» The inspection will be carried out in accord with AS 3660.2-2000 Termite management Part 2: in and around existing buildings and structures.

»  Termite Inspections are not recommended for pre-purchase inspections. 

»  All inspections will be a non–invasive visual inspection and will be limited to those areas and sections of the property to which reasonable access is both available and permitted on the date and time of inspection.

»  The inspector may use a probe or screwdriver to tap and sound some timbers and may use a sharp knife to carry out some `splinter testing' on structural timbers in the sub-floor and/or roof void. 

»  The inspector may use a moisture meter to check moisture levels in walls that back onto wet areas such as showers etc.

»  The inspection WILL NOT involve any invasive inspection, including cutting, breaking apart, dismantling, removing or moving objects including, but not limited to, roofing, wall and ceiling sheeting, ducting, foliage, mouldings, debris, roof insulation, sarking, sisalation, floor or wall coverings, sidings, fixtures, floors, pavers, furnishings, appliances or personal possessions.

»  The inspector CANNOT see or inspect inside walls, between floors, inside skillion roofing, inside the eaves, behind stored goods in cupboards, in other areas that are concealed or obstructed. Insulation in the roof void may conceal the ceiling timbers and make inspection of the area unsafe.

»  The inspector WILL NOT dig, gouge, force or perform any other invasive procedures. An invasive inspection will not be performed unless a separate contract is entered into.

»  In the case of all Termite Inspections in accord with AS 3660.2-2000 inspections, the Inspection and resulting report will be confined to reporting on the discovery, or non-discovery, of infestation and/or damage caused by subterranean and dampwood termites (white ants) present on the date and time of the Inspection. Borers of seasoned timber will not be reported on. Wood decay fungi (rot) will not be reported on but may be reported as a conducive condition for termite activity.

»  The inspection will report any evidence of a termite treatment that happens to be found.


Nothing contained in the report will imply that any inaccessible or partly inaccessible area(s) or section(s) of the property are not, or have not been, infested by termites or timber pests.

Accordingly, the report will not guarantee that an infestation and/or damage does not exist in any inaccessible or partly inaccessible areas or sections of the property. Nor can it guarantee that future infestation of Timber Pests will not occur or be found.

If the property to be inspected is occupied, then you must be aware that furnishings or household items may be concealing evidence of problems, which may only be revealed when the items are moved or removed.

If you believe you have a bed bug infestation at home or have stayed in an accommodation venue that is infested, contact us for further assistance.
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